Ozone International Electromechanical and Maintenance Services

Ozone International Electromechanical and Maintenance Services is your partner for a good and comfortable living...

Ozone International Electro-mechanical and maintenance work are specialized in Technical, Mechanical and maintenance services for re-building work major and minor constructions and for Building Management Systems. We have wholly confidence of our service and proficiency with the help of our worker’s, technician and our dedicated supervisor and team leader. OIG’S aim to maintain and further develop its leading position in entire Middle East and to develop its well the reputation for task as to grant you for the most excellent services and to protected within the clients budget by utilizing expert supervision, quality of work, strength quality control and an enviable safety record.

Ozone International Environment Protection

Ozone International Environment Protection Services is Professional in terms of cleaning solutions. Our company has been operating for five (5) years with our high quality cleaning service comes with our supervise team of fully trained personnel. We will give you the best services and help you and your surroundings clean and to have healthier atmosphere with the help of our dedicated and well experienced team. OIG’s will be the one to facilitate all your queries with the services we provided

Ozone International Consultancy and Environmental Studies

Ozone International Technology Environment Studies