Kitchen Extraction Cleaning System

An unclean or dirty kitchen exhaust system is the cause of dangerous fires.
Kitchen Hood Extraction Cleaning Systems must require to be done by professional contractors. Years of excellence in this service work make clean as an Ozone International Environment Protection Services is the right company to select and you could trust in terms of quality work and value and you will be confidence of your kitchen environment.
OIEPS will assist you to keep away from hazardous of your kitchen and to guarantee and keep cleanliness and secure area for your consumers in addition to your employees. With the help of our specialized and trainable team along with guaranteed machine and brand grease dissolving cleaners and a variety of scrape tools each hood is cleaned to bare metal, it appear to be look like new and it is in proper functioning.
OIEPS will facilitate you to maintain a safe environment for your personnel and business by providing you with the highest quality kitchen exhaust cleaning that only OIEPS can perform with no any similarity.