What else do we offer

Ozone International Group Services are particularly committed in Housekeeping and Janitorial services for commercial and residential building e.i Apartment, Flat, Villas, Hotels, Staff accommodation, Factory, Labor camp and Cleaning of a Building after Construction for finalizing work. OIG’s housekeeping divisions, are supplied you male or female cleaners.

We also offered other services like cleaning Advertising sign board, City cleaning, Aircraft cleaning, Roads and Airport cleaning and Parking cleaning

Ozone International Group Services are providing housekeeping services to maintain and facilitate the hygiene of your offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurant and all commercials and industrial buildings with our energetic and skilled workers to help our customers stay your surroundings clean and be comfortable in your living area.

We fully insured to fulfill your needs in terms of housekeeping. Let our qualified staff customized the services with you. Whether you required daily, weekly, monthly or one time service, you can depend on Ozone International Group Services for the most affordable and competitive price with our expertise and well trained HOUSEKEEPING STAFF.