Our Works in Air Water Purification Systems

Air Purification
AC’s, Ducts – Cleaning & De-odorizing
Kitchen Hoods, Ducts, Exhausts, De-greasing, De-carbonizing, Deodorizing
Stench Free Toilets
Disinfecting, Sanitizing Rooms
Odor Control
Smoke Diversification
Fumes Extraction & Diversification

Water Purification
Water Tanks, Water Sumps Cleaning, Flushing & Disinfecting
Ozone Water Purification System
Chillers (Chilled Water Treatment)

Flushing, Cleaning & Servicing
Pipeline, Drain Management, Grease Traps
De-scaling, Flushing of Pipelines, Drain and Manhole Flushing
Grease Pit, Grease Trap Cleaning, Evacuation & Flushing
Servicing of AC’s & Central AC’s
Servicing, Cleaning, Flushing of Cooling Towers
External Glass Cleaning
Maintenance & Repairing of Kitchen Cooking Stoves & Ovens
Servicing of FCU’s and AHU’s
Panel Tank Repair
Ship cleaning Services